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Best Plants for Spring | New Apartments near Dallas

At Merit, our beautiful community is sure to suit your needs and allow you to find the perfect place to call home. In each of our 1, 2, and 3 bedroom floor plans and throughout our community, the selection of stunning amenities are sure to suit every lifestyle. With the spring season upon us, now is the time to spruce up your space and there is no better way than with a couple of plants. See our best indoor plants for spring and find your new home at our new apartments near Dallas!

Top Plants for Spring

#1 Peace Lily

Add some greenery into your home with a peace lily this spring. A peace lily has bright green leaves that will make a statement but it will be even more beautiful when the white blooms make their appearance. These plants are ideal if you’re looking for something low maintenance and they can tolerate low light so you can add them anywhere in your home. They are easy to care for all throughout the year but they will bloom beautifully in the warmer weather and full light. If you’re new to being a plant parent, a peace lily will be the perfect plant to start with. You will love getting to watch it bloom and grow throughout the rest of the year.

#2 Pothos Plant

If you’re looking to fill any space in your home, a pothos plant will be the perfect solution. This plant is known for its sprawling vines and it will quickly fill up any corner. You will love getting to find the perfect spot for this plant and since they can thrive in almost any lighting, you can utilize it as décor in any space. It can be hung in a hanging planter, or you can place it on a bookshelf and watch it spread. These plants are toxic to plants so a high space where they can’t reach it will be your best option. Brighten up your darkest corners this spring with a pothos plant.

#3 Herbs

Nothing says spring like new recipes and light flavors and you can add in ingredients that you grew yourself with a small herb garden. Most herbs are typically low maintenance and they don’t take up much room in your home so you can have the freshest ingredients at your fingertips. You can start with herbs like oregano, basil, and rosemary and add in more as they start to grow. Growing your own herbs will take any recipe to the next level and you will never have to worry about having the herbs that most recipes require. Herbs will be an easy way to add freshness into your kitchen and you will love getting to show off your cooking skills and your green thumb.

These plants will brighten up your space this spring and get you ready for the warmer weather at our new apartments near Dallas. Come home to Merit and contact us today for more information!